OO Gauge Model Railway

Weaver Hill

Weaver Hill
Weaver Hill
Weaver Hill

Layout Name: Weaver Hill

Gauge: OO

Scale: 1:76

Size: 20ft x 10ft

Constructed Design: Roundy Roundy

Operation Control: Analogue DC Operated

Constructed in 2013, the original layout was built over four weeks for a charity exhibition but has since seen many changes.

The idea was coined while cruising the Trent & Mersey Canal, as a result the layout has taken on a vey Staffordshire appearance with Inspiration was taken from Shrugbrough.

We did not want to model a particular location so our nod to Shrugborough is in the follies that are scatted around and replacing Hadrians Arch with Georgians Monument.

The Layout was built to be something different from the norm, NO Station or sidings. It is a layout to run trains of any region covering a wide time scale, while representing the railway in a natural setting.

The model represts a section of four-track mainline, complete with overhead electrification, eqiupment and signalling, operating a variety of stock.

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