OO Gauge Model Railway

Cheadle Ridge Lane TMD

Leigh Bridge Stabling Point
Leigh Bridge Stabling Point
Leigh Bridge Stabling Point

Layout Name: Cheadle Ridge Lane TMD

Gauge: OO

Scale: 1:76

Size: 8.1ft x 1.7ft

Constructed Design: End to End

Operational Control: DCC

Cheadle Ridge Lane TMD is a OO gauge, Code 100, DCC operated layout!
Measuring 8.1ft long by 1.7ft wide.

The layout features as 2 different eras, either as an early 90’s Railfreight Triple Grey Depot or a current day DRS Depot. 

Cheadle Ridge Lane TMD has previously been exhibited at various shows including Macclesfield, Barnsley, Shrewsbury, Severn Valley and also Manchester in 2019 which was the last time shown.

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