OO Gauge Model Railway

Bottom Of The Barrel

Leigh Bridge Stabling Point
Leigh Bridge Stabling Point
Leigh Bridge Stabling Point

Layout Name: Bottom Of The Barrel

Gauge: OO

Scale: 1:76

Size: 4.1ft x 2.7ft

Constructed Design: End to End

Operational Control: DC

Burton on Trent was famous for two things Beer and Railways, at its peak there were over 30 Breweries in the town.
Many brewers from across the country built their breweries here to access the waters of the Trent, at this point the gypsum content in the water allows for successful use of a greater amounts of hops.
Hops, as well as flavoring beer, are a natural preservative, allowing beer to travel further, meaning beers from burton could survive the long journey across the British Empire to places as far as India.

This Model shows the Trent Brewery, which was built by Thomas Sykes in 1881, its 50 employees could produce around 20,000 barrels annually.
In 1893, the brewery was re-named the Trent Brewery.
This OO Gauge Model shows the whole brewing operation from around 1950, from the malt intake to the cask racking and bottle Line, along with the daily movements of wagons across the brewery railway system.

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