OO Gauge Model Railway

Bucknell Lane T.M.D

Bucknell Lane T.M.D.
Bucknell Lane T.M.D.
Bucknell Lane T.M.D.

Layout Name: Bucknell Lane T.M.D.

Gauge: OO

Scale: 1:76

Size: 16ft x 1ft

Constructed Design: End to End

Operational Control: Analogue DC Operated

An exhibition layout by Philip Seaborne that has been undergoing extensive upgrading over the past several years, and is coming along nicely.

It’s been over 10 years since it was last exhibited but Philip feels now is the time to get back out and show it off.

The layout is called Bucknell Lane TMD and it’s based fictionally in the north west of England.

Operational running  consists mostly Class 37, 47, 56, an 60’s with the odd Class 03 or 08 with fuel tanks.

The liveries are BR Blue to the pre privatised 3 freight companies i.e. Trans Rail, Load Haul & Mainline.

All pre EWS…. no maroon and gold to be seen here.

The layout is DC operatored and is free standing covering a 16’x1′ with scenic area.

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