O Gauge Model Railway

Borrington By The Sea

Layout Name: Borrington By The Sea

Gauge: O

Scale: 1:48 / 7mm

Size: ?

Constructed Design: End to End

Operational Control: ?

Borrington is a former GWR branch line in North Devon, due todeclining numbers the once double track has been reduced to a singleline in places. The line travels past the picturesque Riverside Caravan Park and into Borrington Station before the short Sea wall on its way to Bristol.The line still carries some freight but during the busy summer season runs holiday steam specials along with short commuter trains into Bristol, the holiday traffic is all that’s saved the line from Dr. Beechings Axe in the late ’60s. Lots of Diesel and Steam action, the 64XX with its Auto coach, along with Class 25’s, 31’s and 33’s plus a few others rubble through this busy seaside town.The caravan park is ideal for relaxing and watching trains go by, the fishing is excellent in the river ???, and the Seawall cafe makes a smashing bacon sarnie. A perfect summer escape when the sun is shining on the golden sand and the busy seawall.Most of the buildings and bridges are scratch-built along with kits from Scale Model Scenery and 3D Printing Corner, the grasses and resin water are from WWScenics.We hope you hope you come and say hello, and take part in the challenge of finding all the hidden gems incorporated into this layout.

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